Plan an Historic Tour of the US this Election Year

Visit these seven cities with history to experience America’s story for yourself.



Our country has a rich story to tell, illustrated by monuments, landmarks, and keepsakes. In each of these places, from the Mayflower’s landing in New England to the closure of the Revolutionary War in Maryland, our ancestors left a footprint that we still follow today.

If you’ve never taken a weekend trip to some of our country’s most historic cities, we urge you to put a trip on the books this year. It can be an enlightening, humbling experience as you see the blueprint of our country for yourself.

We’ve outlined a tour of seven historic cities where you can kick back at a local Sheraton location in between tours and sightseeing.


John Brown House: Visitors learn about the cultural climate of the original colonies in this major center of affluence.

Narragansett Bay: A major New World seaport and point of economic interest, fed into by the Woonasquatucket and Providence Rivers.

Historic New England’s Arnold House: This site features seventeenth-century construction, nineteenth-century graffiti and twentieth-century preservation methods.


Paul Revere Home: This historic house/museum was home to Paul Revere and his family from 1770-1800.

Boston Tea Party Museum: This floating museum commemorates the Boston Tea Party the original location of which no longer exists.

USS Constitution: Docked in the former Charleston Navy Yard, it is the oldest ship in the US Navy.


Ellis Island: The first place of arrival to more than 12 million immigrants entering the US from 1892-1924.

Statue of Liberty: A gift to the United States from France, she is a symbol of freedom and democracy.

Trinity Church: Parishioners of this centuries-old church included George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, who was also buried in the church’s cemeteries along with author Ralph Ellison.


Liberty Bell: Rung after the first reading of the Declaration of Independence, it bears a message of universal liberty.

Independence Hall: The meeting place for the Second Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention.

Edgar Allan Poe Historical Site: Credited as being the site in which Poe was most productive.


Fort McHenry National Monument/ Historical Center: This 18th-century fort was the birthplace of Francis Scott Key’s ‘Star Spangled Banner.’

Star Spangled Banner Flag House: Mary Pickersgill’s home where she made the flag that inspired the Star Spangled Banner.

Federal Hill: A point of military interest and the endpoint of celebrations for the ratification of the new federal constitution.


State House: The oldest state capitol in continuous use, it was here that George Washington resigned from the Continental Army.

William Paca House: A five-part Georgian mansion considered to be one of the finest 18th century homes in the country.

Naval Academy: Established in 1845, students here are are midshipmen on active duty in the US Navy pursuing bachelor degrees. 


White House: The official residence and place of work for the current US president and their family.

Arlington Cemetery: The final resting place for more than 14,000 veterans including George Washington and John F Kennedy.

The National Mall: The most visited national park in the US, it is home to many monuments and memorials.

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